Thinking Outside the (Electric) Box



Mel here,

We need to think outside the (electric) box and find alternative power sources to replace electricity.

Most people in the USA are totally dependent on electricity for their way of life.

But this dependency has made us highly vulnerable.

In 2012 Hurricane Sandy caused millions on the East coast of the USA to go without electricity for weeks at a time when the electric grid failed.

The fact is that everything stops when the electric grid fails and people have no electricity.

In India a failure of their electric grid in 2012 resulted in more than six hundred million people having to go without electricity.

In rural areas too, especially in under developed countries, there are more than one billion people without electricity.

That number needs repeating.

More than one billion people without electricity!


The electric grid is constantly challenged by extreme weather, malfunctions, and terrorism.

The problem is that the grid is a centralized system on which we are now all totally dependent.

The first electric grid was built in 1901 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, replacing gas for heating and lighting.  By 1926 the Electricity (Supply) Act in England led to the setting up of a national grid, followed in 1935 by the Public Utility Holding Company Act in the USA that recognized electric utilities as public goods along with gas, water and telephone companies.

By the time the first electric grid was being set up in England, Henry Ford was busy churning out his model T motor cars.

But since then much has happened, especially the revolution in digital technology which has now made it possible to find an alternative power source to electricity.


Regretably, most solutions for the failure of the grid focus on alternative ways to produce electricity using microgrids, solar, wind, nuclear and hydro systems.

But these solutions do not go to the root of the problem.

The root of the problem is an alternative to electricity itself.

That is the only real solution.

It’s time to think outside the electricit box

We need to find an alternative power source to electricity.

Is it possible? Yes, if we believe it is.

Who, just five years ago, thought that it would be possible to transfer documents by email over a phone line?

Or instantly communicate using smartphones?

Or conduct mobile banking?

The time has come to find an alternative to electricity.


You can help by supporting research that will replace electricity.

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